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I've decied i haven't wasted enough time on this horrid machine, so… - i carry my tommy gun in a voilin case [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
La Casa De Christine

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[Oct. 18th, 2004|08:18 am]
La Casa De Christine
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I've decied i haven't wasted enough time on this horrid machine, so here i am updating more.

Friday: I went shopping with Cara and Fez(Paloma) at the mall for Fez's winter boots and winter atire. I also ran into jen, chelsea and elise at the mall. We then went to go see team America which was a funny movie. My evening was catered by Taco Time and Famous Players

Saturday: Me, sam, bryce, ashley and dj went to the village of osbourne and postered some and looked for the mysterious steel capped and failed. We then went to baken expections where me and dj split a soup and veggie burger and fries. The soup was sooo gross and i tried to make it better but according to dj i made it "too sweet" i just have a strange addiction to sugar so anyways afterwards ashley left and we went to my house and we watched the ending of mean girls (sam had only seen the beginning)and then dj returned and we decided we would go take individual pics in the st.b cemetary. This was not the smartest idea because it was soooo fooken coold like holy shit.

Sunday: i dodged doing anything and did nothing then at 9 me and my bro bro went to go see a cindrella story (don't laugh)and i was impressed bravo to disney in creating a highly plausible story of a girl ( played by hil duff) of a girl down on her luck just searching for herself and a dream. A dream of going to princeton and meeting a guy she met in a princeton chat who just happens to be the school hottie. This my friend's is why so many girls get believe internet chat pervs because movies like this would make one believe that the guy you met in the chat is chad michael murray. Also did anyone notice that the hot guy and bitchy mean girl were played by the exact same people who had the exact same roles in freaky friday... Just me ...? ok ... understandable. anywho. i've wated enough time and need to study so ciao.